Here we go again...

Starting out the week with a lovely migraine that threatens to take over. I have managed to ignore it all day but it's demand is growing by the hour. My doc suggested I drink tonic water for leg cramps, I wonder if I could add gin to it for headaches?

I'm on the count down to my procedure on Thursday. Went by the pharmacy today and picked up the prep kit. I LOATHE this part.

I have wonderful friends. They have kept me in their prayers and texted sweet words of encouragement during this low spot. I am forever grateful, not to mention very humbled by their outpouring.

I'll be glad when these new meds kick in. I am ready to have full productive days again. I think I've worn a hole in my side of the bed from spending too much time in it...

We are headed to the mountains of NM this weekend. I am so ready for the cool crisp air and fresh smell of pine and earth. We love to be up there this time of year.


  1. You could see the aspens starting to turn in a few places in Red River a few weeks ago. Take some great photos and I'll be praying for your procedure!


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