I'm feeling "winey."

Nope, that's not a spelling error. I am settling in with a glass of wine and venting by blogging. It's been a very long and disappointing week. This is why my standards are so low; I just have to live from day to day and relish the good ones.

Spent 2 1/2 hours seeing my two main doctors today. While I have mostly good news, I am still frustrated because I'm not feeling up to par. I feel like this whole week should be a do over. Basically, we are tweaking almost all of my meds and then next Thursday- a colonoscopy. YUCK. My blood work is all like it should be. No inflammation markers to be seen which is absolutely huge. That means the UC is still under control and in remission. But hopefully, this will help me feel better quicker.

We are changing my anti-depressant because the new one is supposed to help with the horrible body aches and nightly leg cramps. Also upping the arthritis med for the same purpose. Evidently, working out this often is actually causing me some more pain...go figure. I do know working out is still good for me and the doctors encouraged me to stay with it, but man, when I hurt like this I gotta wonder...

So now it's 5pm and I have a beautiful chilled glass of  chardonnay and I'm feeling like I'm gonna make it.

The kids had a great first week at school. Erik has dropped football and opted for Speech & Debate and Theatre. He's even toying with the idea of class president! He's hoping to be able to get into Act One, a drama group. I'm very excited to see him do this. You know what his reasoning was? He told us that he wasn't getting much-if any- playing time in his football position, it wasn't fun anymore and these other classes and activities will look great on a college resume. You can't argue with that! In fact, I thought that was just pretty darn mature. Thomas is feeling like big stuff as an 8th grader. He's enjoying life as always. My favorite saying about him is "He's a party waiting to happen."

We plan to totally veg during this first weekend. Shannon already headed to the ranch and I'm worn out from the schedule but, it's all good. Now my glass is getting low so I better sign off to enjoy the last few sips of ambrosia...


  1. Great post, Monnie. Just wanna encourage you to keep a positive attitude. I know this stuff is soooo frustrating, but you amaze me that you can do so much in spite of it all. (By the way, I have to take Clonazepam for the nightly leg cramps; works like a charm!!)

    Yes, the night I had around Thomas, I knew that's the kind of kid he would be! He's a sweetie! I'm so glad Erik is going to do something he's going to like. That's awesome!

  2. Thinking about you you beautiful girl. Keep working out because there's always a positive in spite of it all you'll always have a great ass!
    Love Love!
    SuZanne : )


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