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You know what's weird? The closer I get to my next infusion, the stronger my sweet tooth gets. Normally, my sweet tooth is non-existent but for what ever reason, this Remicade brings it out. I'm not so sure I like this part of it. Trying to eat healthy and lose weight becomes extremely hard for about 10 days prior to my treatments! Oh well, it beats being sick any day!

So, I've been thinking (which always gets me in trouble). I do this every year about this time. I start wanting a job. Just a part-time something that would be fun and easy. Oh, and very flexible. And it can't involve cleaning toilets and must have great perks. Unrealistic you say? Yeah, I think so too, so I'll just keep playing house.

I'm usually in a Bible study in the fall so that will help keep me busy. I look forward to this so much. I really miss it during the summer. The Beth Moore studies are great because they really make me buckle down and study. This helps me keep it a priority. This woman can find stuff in a single verse that I would probably overlook! She will dig and dig amazing truth out of the simplest verses.

I need to keep my hands and mind busy. I am prone to laziness and if my creative side is in motion I am so much more productive and positive. A friend is teaching art this year at one of the schools here and I think that would be a nice job. I would love to be able to do something like that, however, I would have to go back to school for several years... I just don't know if that is something I would seriously want to do everyday. I guess, I want a REALLY part-time job, not everyday. Now I'm asking myself: Do I really want a job?

I enjoy organizing other peoples homes. This sounds crazy if you've ever peeked in my closets. But I don't have any emotional attachment to someone else's stuff. I am pretty good at helping someone walk through their items and decide what to keep and get rid of. The best and the most rewarding part is putting together a system that works for that person based on their needs. Besides, I have done a lot of research on HGTV...

I'm also pretty bossy, just ask my sister. I can "delegate" like you wouldn't believe! I enjoy taking something that doesn't work well and improving it. Weather it's organizing an office space or pulling together baby/bridal showers, hosting parties, fundraisers and organizations-I'm in my element.

Because I'm lazy and cheap, I like to work smart. I like to find uses for inexpensive everyday items in new ways. For example--shoe boxes are absolutely fabulous organization tools for anything! You can make them pretty with wrapping paper or paint. They can house CDs, hair accessories, photos, art supplies, and of course, shoes. You can use them as drawer organizers, decorative boxes on open shelves, pantry containers for bags of pasta, spices and seasoning. And let's face it, recycling is in! You'll be doing the environment a favor.

The picture included with this post is from a shower I hosted this past weekend. We took a simple multi-tiered plant stand and used it to serve food, hold plates and napkins. It really adds character to the table and frees up space on the table. I also use this plant stand to hold fruit on the kitchen counter, hold paper plates and condiments at backyard BBQs. So many uses beyond plants!

OK, so if you need help getting past those road blocks of cleaning out closets or organizing anything, hollar at me!


  1. Monnie you are a very talented Woman. I always admire your talent everytime I step into your home! And yes you are the best party thrower! You are a joy to be around and a blessing to our lives. We love you!
    The Olesen's......


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