i mean, really? part 2

Ok, so after church and a nap I've had an attitude adjustment. What I need to remember is that when I struggle with my health, my patience runs thin. This is not excuse, just a reminder to myself to keep things in perspective. I mean, really...

We went to Hillside Christian that meets in Canyon today. It's so good. I love the Pastor there. He shared his testimony today and it made me realize what a whiney butt I've been the last few days. I mean, really, I am grateful for the lesson this morning and plan to start this week off with a different attitude.

It may take a little bit for me to start feeling good again. I need to give the medicine adjustments time to work and my body to respond. I guess, I've gotten spoiled feeling so good that this minor set back kind of derailed me a bit. And not just physically either. My mind crashed and burned hard on this one. The fear of relapse swooped in and took over to the point that I was under water before I could take a breath.

My head is out of the water now, God provided me with some floaties and the water is actually quite nice. I just need to sit back and ride the current for a while. Nothing like auto-immune issues to remind you that you need the presence of someone greater in your life.

Now, on to the people issues I had this morning...I still feel very strongly about what I said this morning, but now, I realize I need to bring out the grace. It may be the only time some of these people ever have a glimpse of Him. If I work on myself and my attitude maybe others won't get to me so easily...


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