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"You feel smaller." This is what my hubby said this morning when hugging me in the kitchen. Nice. Really nice, considering he was barely awake and hadn't had his coffee yet. With out even knowing it, he made my day.

Our day started very early. Son #2 must be ready to walk out the door at 6 am for football practice which requires an adult to physically drag him from his bed. We've tried alarms, hollering at his room from downstairs and turning on his light but none of these seem effective. He must be completely uncovered and made to sit up and even then there's a 75% chance he will still be asleep. Teen boys can sleep through anything.

So back to the early morning-- the hubby is off to work at the ranch and I must get Son #1 up to mow and do other household chores. I'm not up for this battle yet; I need more coffee first. He is a grumpy bear early in the morning or late in the morning. It really doesn't matter, because he would like to sleep until 3 pm. I dread going upstairs to awaken the dead.

Honestly, both boys come by it naturally. Neither of us are morning people and our house is very slow moving and quiet in the early dawn. We have a significant detox period coming out of summer and into the school year. Staying up late and sleeping in seems to be the lifestyle of choice around here.

Registration for Son #1, a junior in (PUBLIC, mind you) high school, is done as of yesterday. A BIG chunk out of the pocket book too.

  • Basic school supplies $75 (more to come after supply list handed out on 1st day)
  • Parking permit $5
  • School ID card $5
  • D.F.Y.It- say no to drugs program-$25
  • PTSA membership $7.50
  • School pictures $40
  • Yearbook will be billed at a later date, probably close to $50, maybe more.
  • Dual Credit class to be paid for today $$$? 
  • School lunch, now available to leave campus $20 per week
  • There will be clubs to join and other misc expenses over the first week of school.
Registration for Son #2, a freshman in high school, on August 9th. Just enough time to replenish the wallet... Anyone need to buy any jewelry? ;)

So glad we pay taxes and they keep cutting the school funding...

That's a whole other rant, one I won't get into for fear of not ever stopping.

I'm on my 3rd cup of coffee now and still not ready to get moving. I'm quite comfortable in my pajamas. I think blogging is an excuse to feel productive with out accomplishing anything. As soon as I hit the bottom of the mug I need to hit the ground running, literally. A work out is a must since I took the day off yesterday. 

I must say, after this morning's "feel small" comment, it's easier to lace up the tennis shoes. I really do love a good sweat, it's just getting to the sweat that I tend to put off. I also love diving into the pool after a good, hard exercise. It just washes off the fatigue and feels so good to my achey body. I also don't have to deal with the calorie induced guilt of a nice glass of wine that evening. This spurs me to keep to the routine. Eventually I will look like myself again and be rid of the steroid fatty I have come to loathe.


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