blankity-blank-cuss word-obscenity!

In an effort to clean up my mouth I am trying to find words that are as satisfying as those graphic, 4 letter, taboo ones. (Side note-why are they mostly all 4 letters?) This is not an easy task. Lately, my language has gone to hell in a hand basket. Pardon the phrase, it seems to be the one that fits. My mouth has taken on a mind of it's own. I sound like a one of the kids from Stand By Me. (LOVE that movie, by the way.) 

I feel like a bit of a hypocrite telling my kids that such language is inappropriate and then using it myself. I've tried to relay to them that what comes out of a person's mouth is a sign of what resides inside their heart...yeah, what's that say about their own mother?? I've also told them that it makes a person look very foolish and unattractive. Again, I'm feeling very convicted here...

I grew up around people who curse. I knew better as a kid. My parents taught me that it was unacceptable in most situations even though I heard plenty of it from them too. There were some words I never heard, the words that are just too foul. My parents used the lesser of the evil words; if there is in fact, a real line you can draw. For example, my entire family on my dad's side refers to my great grandfather as "The Old Son of a B@#%$." Which, he was and actually deserved much worse probably, as that is really just insulting his mother. Funny story--when Shannon and I were at my grandparents' home for Christmas one year, my Gramps started talking about his father and calling him by his real name of Archley (pronounced Ark-lee). Shannon turned to me and asked who this was and I replied, "The Old Son of a B@#%$." Shannon knew exactly who that was immediately and said, "Oh, ok." As if this was like calling someone by a nick name of pal or buddy or something. He had never heard any of us refer to the man as anything other than "The Old SOB."

So, this is where I am today. Fighting for control over my independent, adolescent mouth. There are several areas of myself that need to be fine tuned but this language issue needs to be priority. Why is it that saying a few choice words can be so satisfying? Finding a substitute that gives the same level of pleasure is difficult for me. What does this say about me? Oy, maybe I don't want to know.

I know where God stands on the issue and I guess, if He didn't have a problem with it then neither would I. Since this is not the case, I am determined to work on it. So...if you know of any "appropriate" words I could try out instead of my 2nd nature "inappropriate" ones--let me know. I would be much obliged.


  1. Ha, ha! Be interested to hear how this one goes for ya...:) And, are you sure you know where God stands? :)

  2. Ha--my word verification word for my last comment was "houndi"....maybe you could try out "Son-of-a-houndi"...


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