Lumpy Ghost

This week I was going to get back into my workout routine, the one I had before my port surgery. It's Thursday evening and I have yet to even put on work out clothes. Tomorrow I have a full day and I, being a realist, know a workout won't happen then either... Not good. Summer is fast approaching and pool weather will be here before we know it. Considering the fact that the pool is in my backyard allows a bit of grace however, I'd hate to send all the neighborhood kids running home because a lumpy ghost showed up. Let me explain that--I am fair skinned and by fair, I mean, I am so pale that if I were any paler I would be see through. I have red head skin with out the red hair. I make Nicole Kidman look like a Mexican Senorita! So, to top off the white pasty skin; I have cellulite. Not proud, just honest. People are always saying: "Tan fat is better than white fat!" Well, I could do the Lindsey Lohan thing and have orange fat... Nope, can't do the streaky, orange look either. All self-tanners make me look like a big carrot. Believe me, I've tried them all! I've had them sprayed and applied professionally only to regret the money it took to do so. When I think of the shoes I could have had instead...

Well, I guess I will get back into my routine next week. (ha ha ha) I will try anyway. I need to do so just for my health, I am so much better with regular exercise. At 37, I've decided I can embrace my English skin and wear that skirt or those shorts. If people are repulsed by my milky, opaque skin, that's their problem, I don't give a flying flip anymore. (I so could've cussed there but didn't!) Ahhhh, the freedom I feel just by writing this! One blessing of having this palest of pale skin is that I may look 37 for a long time. That's what I keep telling myself so please don't burst my bubble!

As far as the cellulite goes; well, we'll see what the gym does. Until then I will wear longer shorts and those skirted bathing suits. I've actually stated before, that I think God keeps me pudgy for a reason. If I had a killer bod like Jessica Biel or Cameron Diaz, I might dress like a hoochie. That would not be a good thing for my kids or my marriage...although, Shannon might enjoy it in private...

OK! Over share, sorry.

With that I shall end this post.


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