it's ugly!

WOW!!! I was not prepared for the grotesque look of the incision for my port! For a fairly simple surgery it is by far the worst looking one I've had out of 7 surgeries.

This morning started off very early, 5:15 am. UHG. We had to be at the hospital at 6 am in order to sit and wait until 7:30 am for the nurses to call me back. After getting "comfortable" in my holding room, I signed a few forms, listened to the nurse explain the procedure and the changed into my very expensive hospital gown, booties and hair net. I have never felt more attractive. After climbing into the 2x6 hard bed the nurse asked me if I was comfortable and ready to get the IV started. I skipped answering the comfortable part and just said Let's get this party started." Miracle, it was nothing short of that when the nurse got the IV going on the 1st try! I was prepared for several big sticks. Thank you Jesus! Even the nurse gave a shout out to God as she was well aware of my history with IV needles.

I was then wheeled back into the OR where my favorite doc in the world was. The Anesthesiologist. I love this man (Dr. Stewart) and his magic potions. He wastes no time and soon becomes my BFF for the day. From here on out I have no clue what transpired, which is absolutely fine with me.

I awoke in the recovery room with a nurse, who smelled wonderful, leaning over me asking me my name. Somehow I managed to answer that as well as a few other questions before succumbing to the amazing effects of Doc Stewart's spell again. What feels like days later but was only a few minutes, the nurse is gently touching my lips with ice chips. Oh, it was like ambrosia. Cold, wet frozen liquid entering my dry, parched mouth. And so I slowly began my decent back to the real world. As soon as all my vitals were stable and a chest xray was acceptable I was headed back to my room where Shannon anxiously waited.

This is my favorite part of surgery (except the drugs). I love seeing Shannon waiting for me. I love feeling his sweet kisses and hugs. He is a great man and I am so blessed to have found him at such a young age and somehow held on to him. He's my other and, most times, better half.

Now I'm home, in my bed. So nice. Been sleeping off and on all day. The pain pills make me a little fuzzy but it's worth it. The pain has stayed under control and Shannon has done everything today so I could chill. The worst part: the looks of the incision site, it's bruised and swollen. U-G-L-Y. Supposedly, it will heal up with a very slight scar and just a hint of a disc shape under the skin. Hard to believe by the way it looks now.

I should be up and somewhat back to normal by Friday. Some lifting and activity restrictions such as no lifting or working out for a bit. I guess no laundry for a while. ;)


  1. OUCH! I have thought of you all day. I am so glad it is over and the healing can begin! As I was reading your blog John peered over my shoulder inspecting your "owwie" and said 'ohhh Tia...bad bruise" and then he ran to the bathroom to return with a "Car's" band-aid for your boo-boo! Take it easy!! Praying for you!

  2. I thought maybe you were gonna strip there for a minute...too many good drugs! This is going to be so nice! Love you and your family. Be sure to stay away from the shotgun any time soon or just use your left shoulder. Prayers!

  3. Glad it all went well, Monnie! Take it easy for a few days!


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