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Years ago I had a dream; a dream like nothing I've ever had before or even since. I still find myself thinking about it and wondering what meaning it might hold. I am a believer that God speaks to us in our dreams and maybe this is such a case. Over the years, I've guessed at it's meaning and tried to interpret it but I am still perplexed by this dream. I've shared it with a few people and heard their opinions on it, all differing greatly and leaving me with out any revelation on the matter. I think it's been close to 10 years now since I had the dream however, I can remember it like it was yesterday. 

I'm going to blog about it now because I had a flashback to the dream today. I was thinking about a project that I might like to pursue when I experienced--literally--flash like scenes from the dream.  Well, of course, this has peaked my curiosity and now I want to graph this thing out to see if there is any correlation between the two. 

So the dream begins with me dressed in full Middle Eastern attire, complete with the head dress thing. (I've gone blank...) Burka! That's it. Anyway, I am standing on the roof of a home in the Middle East, I want to say Jerusalem but I've never been over there, and I am pregnant. Big pregnant. I'm holding my dress between my legs and squeezing as hard as I can because I don't want to give birth yet. For some reason, I feel like it's not time; but, I can't stop the baby from coming. As I'm standing there, the baby falls out from between my legs and shatters on the rooftop. The infant shatters like glass thrown down on a tile floor but yet it is made of the soft flesh of a human. I am distraught, to say the least, as  I desperately try to pick up all of the pieces. There is no blood or any thing gory, it was like a china doll but when I would touch a piece I could feel the warm smooth skin of an infant. Suddenly, someone comes up to the roof and grabs me saying "Leave it! We must leave it now!" I am heartbroken as this person drags me from the roof and into one of the rooms of the house where we sit at a crude wooden table and drink from clay bowls. Not sure why, what we drink or for how long. Eventually I leave and go up to the roof again to try to salvage what I can of my baby so I can give it a proper burial. When I open the door and step onto the roof, my baby is perfectly whole and swaddled in a blanket. I am over joyed and yet very afraid. I debate on picking up the baby for fear that it might crumble into the many pieces it was earlier. As I walk toward the bundle, it turns and looks at me, looks in my eyes and coos. I swoop down and grab the little one, gently unwrapping the blanket to find the most perfect, beautiful girl. She is without blemish and very healthy. The same person who drug me away earlier appears behind me along with several others, all women. They look and gasp as if they know this cannot be. I turn to them, holding the girl child out for all to see and I simply say, "This is the work of our God." 

That's it. I don't want to share what I've thought it could mean because I want to hear your thoughts untainted by mine. So drop me a line, let me know your thoughts...


  1. Wow! That's a powerful one. I have thoughts, but can't put them into words right now, so maybe I'm not supposed to....if they come together, I'll share! I think you know what it means, though...

  2. Baby - a new beginning, new idea, dependent, helpless, innocent, sin.
    Pregnancy- in process, sin or righteousness in process, desire, anticipation, expectancy.
    Table - Communion, agreement, covenant, conference, provision.
    Wood - life, temporary, flesh, humanity, carnal reasoning, lust, eternal, spiritual building material.

    Ok, I love looking into dreams, and have some christian books around here to help me interpret my own and my families dreams. I believe our dreams speak to us, and help us understand so many things that our conscious mind can't make sense of. When we sleep, our conscious mind relaxes, and the dreams come forth.

    You're in the middle east, and I believe what you're dressed in signifies some type of bondage. You are on a roof, which I think signifies a high place, a place to seek God and help. You give birth to a baby which represents a dependency. This dependency or helplessness is something you cannot fix. You are pulled away by a woman who seems to be in bondage as well, but she is also fearful. You sit at a wooden table... and drink - you have something in agreement with them. You leave these women and they follow you, which I believe shows that you are setting a path, a leader. You show them what God has done. The baby girl represents the feminine qualities of your character. Playful and innocent and vulnerable. What you couldn't fix and left, God healed, fixed, and made new life, and you openly gave Him the glory.

    Does this resonate with you at all?

  3. oooh, kelly! i like a lot of what you said and am amazed at some of the meanings you picked up on that I hadn't! must chew on it some more, THX for taking the time to really think about this. It means a lot.


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