a sad craziness

Thomas had texted me around lunch time that the jr high was locked down because things were "crazy." He said some kid was stabbed during lunch. I, being the realist that I am, thought it was a only rumor but decided to check it out anyway since he needed to go to the dentist. Sure enough, when I arrived at the school approx 20 min after texting with him, I find police cars and news stations. My stomach did a flip and I picked up my pace and headed to the office. The school seemed quiet and calm like any other day except for 2 uniformed officers and several CISD guidance counselors along with the principals of the jr high talking quietly to each other. The lock down was over and classes were resuming as normal but you could feel the buzz in the air. I proceeded to check Thomas out and casually asked what was going on. I was handed an "official statement" typed and printed on white paper. It said something about an incident involving two students and as a result the school went on lock down. All matters were being handled and there is no cause for panic. Classes have resumed their normal schedule. Well, basically, I knew that.  So now I'm questioning my 13 yr old son about what happened and getting answers such as: "It was like sooo crazy! I just saw the boy (nameless for a reason) who stabbed the other one (also nameless) run off after he, like totally stabbed him in the back with a knife! The kid who got stabbed was like covered in tons of blood. This school is totally going ghetto." I figure the truth is somewhere in the middle of the "official statement" and Thomas' recount. 
I am so very saddened by this event. We like to pretend we live in a bubble down here in Canyon, that our little "Mayberry" is perfect. Things like this aren't supposed to happen to us. We are not a big city, we are a cute, town square-main street kind of place. The fact is, we have our share of drugs and violence just like any other town. It's just not as obvious.
These poor kids involved in this "incident" have no idea how much their lives just changed. My heart breaks for the innocence lost today, not just for these two but for all the kids at the jr. high. The violence they are exposed to through tv, music, games, movies, etc.. is too much and now they witness it at school too. I do not know why this stabbing happened or what the boys' problems were that caused it; however, I do know kids today are much more numb to violence than we were at that age. It seems that bullying has gotten much worse too and the kids often resort to desperate measures to make it stop. I am sickened and heartbroken. I am hurting for the parents of these kids as well. They probably feel as lost as their child.
I wonder what causes someone to cross the line and hurt another in such a way. How much blame is to be put on the parents? The kids? The schools? What needs to be done in order to make a difference? How do you minister to your own children who were exposed to such an event? 
I am praying and seeking wisdom about this. I want to listen and HEAR my kids when they talk to me. I will pay attention to detail and remind them everyday how much I love them.


  1. Just another of many reasons I'm so grateful we homeschool. I know we can't ultimately protect our kids, but I love having them home with me. I'm sad that this is slowly becoming the new norm for schools.


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