Writing Out Loud

I've come to realize that blogging fulfills a great desire within me. I have always kept a journal and recorded in it feelings, musings, dreams, and even disappointments and failures. I love to look back and remember these times, learn from them. It's no wonder that blogging has been so easy for me to pick up. I have to be honest, the thought of other people reading these entries does feel strange. My journals have always been a private affair. Blogging allows me to "say" thoughts and opinions with others in a way that is very natural for me. I can't seem to think with out a pen in my hand. Weird, I know. Maybe pen and paper or even a computer has become my security blanket? My confidence in writing is much higher than in my oral capabilities. There is something very freeing when taking thoughts and etching them into paper, printing each letter and forming words. It can be very powerful to see the desires of your heart take on visual form. This must be why God wrote the Bible. A constant reminder of His love for mankind.

I love seeing the comments people leave after I post a new blog entry. I am amazed and flattered by how many people have taken the time to read this and then come back to read more. CRAZY! But then again, there are a few blogs I follow too, that inspire me and give me new ideas to ponder. I am always taken by surprise when someone mentions they read my blog lately. As if what I have to say really matters. Truth of the matter is, I would still blog regardless of anyone reading it or not. It has now become a need. Something that helps me think straight, keep check of my priorities. Seeing the words I write, the sentences they form and the way they sound "out loud" on paper gives me direction and clarity. If only life was always as simple as this.

The blogging bug bit me hard and has caused me to set up two other blog sites...probably overkill, but I'm having fun. Actually, one is just photos that I've taken and love. Pictures are like words too, they can say so much. The other site is one featuring some silly poetry that I write. These poems are how my mind works sometimes. I love to find rhythm in words. Words are the notes to my sheet music.

Life goes by so fast sometimes. It's easy to get caught up in the superficial and mundane. Writing helps me to slow down, gain perspective and find the adventure and romance in life. I hear God better when writing. I find my soul more in tune with His. I am much more grounded when I take the time to focus and listen to what He has to say. Writing His desires for my life makes them real and powerful.


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