I am back from San Diego and ready to resume life again. It was a much needed trip, I didn't even realize how needed! I completely put aside tomorrow's port procedure and totally lost myself in the sand, surf and serenity of Southern California. In fact, I was so lost in it I never felt the 7.something earthquake we had! I am so disappointed too! My first earth quake and I missed it!

My cousin-Lisha-and I spent the weekend just hanging out. She travels for work so a weekend home for her is a real treat. We got coffees and breakfast burritos and went to the beach and watched people and dogs. We strolled the beach letting the cold tide wash over our feet. We ate the best fish tacos in the world. I thought I would never eat again because I had stuffed myself silly! We went out dancing with a couple of her friends and acted like we were kids again.

We spent Easter Sunday on the beach in Oceanside. There was an awesome service at sunrise that we attended. We listened to some amazing music by the Katinas and heard testimony by an Olympic diver, a Christian comedian and a war hero responsible for the capture of Sadam Hussain. The main speaker was the pastor to the SD Chargers. It was all fantastic and very inspiring. They all spoke on having a breakthrough point in their lives. It really hit home to me as I am finding my own breakthrough time is here. More on that later--it's a separate blog in it's self!

We spent Sunday hanging out at a friend's amazing home and then had Easter dinner together with her family. We laid by the pool and sat in the hot tub all afternoon. We were surrounded by three adorable dogs which, as you know, made my day!

I came home refreshed and relaxed and ready to dive back into my life.

Shannon and our boys had a great time skiing and doing manly things. I am so blessed to have a husband who takes his job as father so seriously. He truly enjoys hanging out with the kids and bonding.

Lisha does training all over the US for Cosmetology schools, not sure if that's the politically correct word--oh well. Anyway, she teaches the instructors about the curriculum and how to relate it to the students in a positive and edifying way. Lisha is dynamic, loves to be with people and is sooo fun. She is an encourager and a natural in this position. I learned a lot from her and even brought home some techniques I plan to use on my family. I love learning new ways to connect and improve. I like to fix things that aren't working. Watch out boys...

As for tomorrow's procedure, I am ready to get past it. It's not a big deal really, just a hassle. I have to be at the day surgery part of the hospital by 6am with out coffee! Nothing to eat or drink after midnight either. The bonus- the yummy drugs they put you to sleep with! Basically, I'll probably sleep all day tomorrow and have about a 2 inch incision on my right shoulder where the port is inserted. I've had much worse.

During my consultation with the surgeon, his first question was "Are you right or left handed?" I replied "Right, but I do most everything else with my left."
He then says " We should go on your right side, however--are you a hunter?"
Me: "Well, sort of, my hubby has been trying to make me one."
Him: "If you use a rifle on your right shoulder with a's not a good thing."
Me: "I will shoot with my left then."
Him: "Problem solved. Any other questions?"
Me: "Nope."
Only in Texas, right? We are God fearin', gun totin' folk. I love it.


  1. Will say a prayer for you tomorrow. About the breakthrough and also your mentioning previously about being a voracious reader- I did the 90 Bible challenge the last 3 months and it was really cool. I saw stuff I never noticed before and was able to connect the books of the Bible together in a new way. I'm going to do it all over again starting in June if you want to take the challenge with me. I'll blog about it as it gets closer to take-off time.


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