Port O' Call...

It's been a long day. I had an appointment after lunch with the surgeon who will do the port catheter. Dr. James Hayhurst. Super nice guy--didn't get the whole "I am God" vibe from him, unlike some other surgeons I've encountered. So that's good. He also knew of Shannon because of tennis. No surprise there. Anyway, he agreed to do my port and set up a surgery date of April 7 at 8am. So then I was sent to BSA (hospital) to pre admit. GOOD GOLLY! It took almost 3 hours! Seriously, in this day and age it should not take this long to do this. I had quite the work up too, blood draw, EKG, and a chest xray. Now that I think about it, I was lucky with the 3 hrs...I could've been there till 3pm next Thursday!

I am tired of looking like a domestic abuse victim when I leave the Remicade appointment. Bruises all over my arms start forming from blown veins and sticks that didn't work. It will be so nice to to have 1 stick! Praise God for ports!

I am completely wiped out. After reading and initialing all the CYA (cover your a$$) forms about all the possible things that could go wrong I needed a strong drink. I am now home, sipping wine and trying to focus on my trip to San Diego this weekend.

Ahhhh, San Diego. I can't wait! My hubby and 2 sons are going skiing for a father-son bonding time which frees me up for some girl time of my own. My cousin lives in SD so it's perfect to spend some time with her. One of the things I am most excited about is the sunrise church service Easter morning on the beach! How amazing that will be! I love the beach anyway but to be able to focus on my Savior while watching the sun rise over the ocean---no words can do this justice. I get a flutter in my tummy every time I think about.

If you are a praying person- I would greatly appreciate your prayers for me on Wednesday, April 7th. I do not anticipate any complications but, still prefer the cover of God. Hopefully, all will be smooth and easy and I can receive my Remicade treatment early the next week.


  1. Monnie, we know Goose and his wife, Debbie, from church. Very nice guy and a good Christian (probably why he doesn't think he's God.) We'll be praying for you.

  2. Praying for you! Take pictures on your SD trip!!

  3. Monnie, you'll be in our thoughts and prayers! Hope you've had a great weekend with your cousin.


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